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History of Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers


It all began in 1976 in Albuquerque, NM.  A crime had been committed and the police were at a loss as to where to begin their investigation.  A young Officer named Detective Greg MacAleese had the idea to reenact the crime and broadcast it in the hopes that someone may have seen something.  A local television station aired the reenactment and through information received, an arrest, and a conviction was made.  That September, the first chapter of Crime Stoppers began.

The Grand Prairie Crime Commission (GPCC) was founded in January of 1981 by the late John M. Thorne, an Attorney and Civic Leader.  The Crime Commission was formed after the murder and robbery of Kenneth Smartt, owner of Smartt Finance Company.  A $7,500.00 reward fund was established through local contributions for information leading to the arrest and indictment of Smartt’s killers.  In early 1981, with no leads in the case, the contributors agreed to use the money to start the Crime Commission.  The GPCC was established as a non-profit organization with a civilian board of directors to oversee the general operation of the Crime Stoppers program. 


In 2018 GPCC officially became knows as Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers.



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